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Great Exhibition Tips for First Time Exhibition Participatant


There are large number of exhibitions taking place every month and the industry Parajumpers Billigt is growing tremendously due to a great medium offered for direct marketing for any brand. There are lot of new exhibitors participating every year and the first time participants number is growing tremendously.

Here are First time Exhibitor Tips to help them from initial stage of decision to participate to final Exhibition Stall Design.

Decide on Right Expo to Participate

It is very crucial to pull out the exhibitions related to specific industry to the product or services and research on the exhibition whether it is a Trade Expo or Open to Public, Past performance of the specific exhibition, exhibitors participated in the expo, find out if someone know had participated in that specific expo with review etc. It is highly advisable to do a complete research on the Exhibition and then Decide whether to participate and if participate to what extend.

Return on Investment

Every company has an objective to participate and a budget for the exhibition. The objective can be Sales or Awareness etc, however ROI is a factor that could affect the success of exhibition. Based on the research done decide the budget for the expo and to the extend of budget whether to go ahead with Stall structure or Sponsorship etc.

Decide on Products / Services to Display

One needs to be clear on what products / services are to be displayed and which one to get maximum visibility. You can create a list of products/services and identify their importance in various grading plus finally give weight-age to the one that needs to be promoted extensively. Be Specific in you plan for the display and develop ideas / options for maximum visibility.

Decide on Collateral

Decide on the collateral specific to Expo : Brochures, Visiting Cards, Give aways, Posters etc and ensure all is created keeping in mind the concept for the stall that will be carried.

Booking a Stand

There are various Classic Cashmere Scarf sizes of stands offered in Exhibitions, Incase of first time if want to go ahead with basic Shell Scheme or Stand Space is a critical factor too.

A shell scheme is a supplied by the organisers and will normally consist of an aluminium framework with white infill panels, usually around 2.4m high. Typically a shell scheme is used by a first time exhibitor or smaller company to ‘test the water’ and make sure exhibitions work for them. Shell schemes can then be kitted out with portable display equipment such as Pop-ups or Banner Stands. Below Articles gives some info on Shell Scheme Stalls.

Stand Space is where a space is given and entire stall is to be made from Scratch, however can great impact based on . Space only stands enable you to achieve a much higher profile, even with a small space-only booking. Typical heights of 3m will give you a far greater presence than shorter shell scheme walls. A space only booking is literally just that and you will need to commission a . Many first time space-only exhibitors might use a hire stand from the contractor  as to get a unique outlook to the stall.When booking your space/shell scheme it is important to study the floor plan so that you don’t book a position right opposite a main competitor, and you might find it beneficial to position yourself adjacent to the exhibition entrance or coffee area.Portable DisplaysThere are various Portable display kits available in the market in various budgets and sizes as per requirement. In case of Shell Scheme these options are highly efficient options to create a great display in the stalls.  Ideally it is best to completely cover/obscure the plain white shell scheme panels. This can be done using  Pop-ups or  Banner Stands. A good portable display equipment company will be able to advise and illustrate via a CAD drawing the number of units required to fit a given shell scheme stand size. You can visit at to get your custom design.

 Appointing a contractor 

Appointing a contractor is again a crucial factor. Getting a right contractor and that too a creative one is a task. There are lot of contractor in the markets however ensure you do thorough research of the contractors who can offer you highly customized concepts for your stall or space.

Send Mailers / Invitations

Create attractive mailers and Parajumpers Jacka Kodiak invitations to let people know your presence at the expo and invite them to the stall. You can give create offers for stall visitors as to pull the crowd and ensure to create a great concept.

Plane the Exhibition

 Planning the Exhibition well in advance gives an edge over your competition and helps to create desired atmosphere in the Exhibition Stand. Last minute planning always result in missing out things in the stall and could be a bigger downfall.  A minimum of 3 months should be allocated for smaller stand, and more time for larger stands. The sooner you have things organised the better you will feel about the up-coming exhibition and you’ll be able to concentrate on the strategy for the open day of the exhibition itself.
To get your concept designed contact us at  and can give you options of designs you can execute in various sizes and Budgets.